Here we go! Paris hello!

Okay, the title is unoriginal ... :D Just want to tell you that I got my school certificate and that I passed the Delf A2 exam (hurray!) (:
Btw, yesterday was my luckiest day since the day in summer 2004: I found 2 (!) four-leaved clovers. And it's true. I got "twice luck": On one day I got a pair of white chucks, the new mobile and the wings-bracelet arrived, I sold many books and CDs, I was the first who was "allowed" to eat (grill) sausages xD, I found many beauty products and some H&M articles on the cheap and so on.... What a nice day!
Today was the last day of school, and we're gonna drive to Paris by car in a hour. I'm so excited, want to visit the Louvre, the Eiffel etc. although I was more than 15 times in the capital of France.
I'll try to post often and I'll also answer your comments in a week, when I'm in Bordeaux.

Have a great summer!

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