Online Shopping. What the Fu...ssel !

Got my h&m order today and I am partly disappointed. I ordered beige shorts of the Garden Collection for only 9.95 Euro, some underwear for 17,41 Euro and sunglasses for 3.95 Euro, which should NOT be like the following. They have a heart-shape... Have you been in the same situation like me before? You don't get what you want, but you get what you don't need.
Mh, these sunglasses aren't that ugly as I thought... I have to reconsider if I should keep them..or if I should better send them back. Rawwr, hate those decisions..

*Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures! I'm thinking about buying a new camera and a new mobile :)

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  1. wow - the shorts are very cool! casual and dressy at the same time - i think i'll have to pick some up myself!! and i quite like the glasses, they're cute and very girly, but you have to go with your own instinct, if you dont like them now, you most likely wont wear them, change them for a pair you LOVE! xxxx nice blog, keep it up! xxx http://improcrastinate.blogspot.com